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Andre Dallaire - Andre has been with Paul Dallaire Welding since 1984. He serves as it's Manager, Shop Supervisor, Crane Operator and he is a certified CWB Welding Supervisor. Andre was part of the crew that headed to Indonesia in 2009 to lead local workers to the construction of a Vertimill in Gosowong.

Elise Pelletier - Elise is the shops Office Administrator. She takes care of all billing, shipping and receiving. She is the voice behind all communication.

Will Killingbeck - Will has been a member of the Paul Dallaire Welding team since 2002. He is a certified Millwright and CWB certified welder. Some of his many duties include shop and field supervisor. Will was also a part of the international team that travelled to Gosowong, Indonesia in 2009.

Vern Patterson - Vern is a welder with many years experience. His co-workers speak highly of his technique. He's strong in all aspects and is an exceptional worker all around.

Richard O'Connor - Richard is a certified CWB welder. Richard's attention to detail and hard work makes him an asset to the company.

Michael Langevin - Michael is our newest employee but comes with many skills that assist Paul Dallaire Welding in the completion of fabrication jobs.