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Safety Mission Statement         

''First and foremost the Safety Factor at Paul Dallaire Welding Ltd. is present and functions to find solutions for safety concerns. The goal is to make the work environment of each individual safer."

  Paul Dallaire Welding Ltd. is  northern Ontario Welding company and has been in business since April 1983 and is family owned and operated. Our company combines high-tech equipment with industry specialists. The advantages of working with this company is the assistance we offer along with personal service and an absolute dedication to quality.
  Paul Dallaire Welding Ltd. has built a reputation for original new design geared to meeting your company's specific needs. The company is proud to offer you a wide range of services. These can be delivered to you with our full range of mobile units. Our top quality products and services offer the client flexibility with their changing requirements.

From the Owner: Paul Dallaire

"I started this company by focusing on details and quality of product. My experience was gained through hands on learning and working from the bottom up. Therefore, I have an insightful view on what my client's wants and needs are. I have developed a company that meets their needs and delivers a service unlike any other. I looks forward to new challenges and I can vision the end result before product completion. I have adapted our services to accomodate all clients so that no job is too big or too small, we can handle each and every one. Meeting your time requirements is a top priority for all of us at Paul Dallaire Welding and quality control is the key element to our success. "

Paul Dallaire

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